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Meet me:

I’m Stella, a former fashion industry designer, fashion week stylist, and design teacher, who’s now the Godmother of luxurious fashion DIY and upcycling.

You know how a lot of women who LOVE fashion also HATE the fact that the clothes industry is a devastating polluter of the planet and also treats their workers like scum.

Then they try to get into upcycling and redesigning clothes, but the only ideas they find look like something an 8-year-old would make back in 2003. (…jeans turned into handbags, anyone?)

I help them:

  • Sew luxurious-looking bags from old stuff in their closet.
  • Tweak their existing clothes so they feel like they have a brand-new wardrobe.
  • Nail their own unique style, so they can keep their clothes for decades and also finally look and feel like who they truly are.

Here are some other fun facts about me…

  • I’m also a painter and often have the entire floor covered in wet and wild paintings in pink, yellow, and emerald green.
  • Mosquitos LOVE me and I once had 40 bites on my forehead.
  • Someone once RAN after me desperately waving a straightening iron to get me to flatten my curly hair.

…but mostly I’m super hard at work here at my design atelier and right now I’m creating 2 brand-new gorgeous bag patterns – and you can get your hands on them soon.

Check them out:

Patterns Coming Soon:

The Boxy Bijou Bag


Anyone who’s ever tried can tell you that it’s super hard to sew small boxy bags with a regular sewing machine. Bag factories have loads of special equipment, which is why I have experimented for months trying to make a sustainable bijou bag that’s also easy to sew.

The one pictured is actually made from a regular velour hoodie that has been elevated to couture kingdom by padding and quilting it.

You can also make this bag from satin or cotton, or any other pretty fabrics from clothes you no longer wear.


The Sleek Bijou Bag


This is an exciting new shape that holds quite a lot of your belongings while still maintaining that chic couture look.

This lovely yellow piece is made from a thin, flimsy satin fabric from a discarded summer dress.

What a transformation!

You can get started now, already by collecting old materials you can turn into a gorgeous newe bag.

Here’s what to do:



Start collecting old fabrics.


Check out your local second-hand stores as well as your attic and your closet for both thick and thin fabrics that will look stunning as a new bag. 

Focus on colors and designs that you LOVE since thin fabrics can be quilted and stiffened up so the bag retains its shape.

Here are some of my favorite fabrics:


Shiny satin is perfect for bags.


Old satin clothes make the BEST upcycling bags when they are quilted to look like a Parisian delight. 

You might have an old party dress with stains or perhaps one that’s way too small.

I bought this green one on a local thrifting website. Those are a goldmine if you’re looking for old dresses and you can often search by color and fabric.

Velvet and velour look lush.


This cheap velour hoodie has a shabby ribbing and an ugly zipper, but the FABRIC is actually rich and beautiful.

Take a closer look at old clothes because there is usually some parts of them that are worth repurposing even if others are worn, torn, or simply low quality.

– and don’t forget about old bags.

They can be a goldmine too. Check this out:

Salvage hardware from old bags.


Stylish rings, pulls, zippers, and other shiny stuff are often the details that make your bag look truly luxurious.

– and boy, can brand new ones be a toll on the environment as well as your wallet.

I have salvaged a ton of these from old flea market bags where the fabric was falling apart, but the hardware looked fabulous.

So, keep your eye open for all kinds of little bag and sewing “thingies” you can upcycle.

Chains are easy to reuse.


Nothing upgrades your bag like adding a chain – and you don’t only find them attached to old bags:

No, I often use old NECKLACES that I pick apart with pliers.

It’s amazing how many cool things you can make from old jewelry – and you find it at any market.

So, have fun on your treasure hunt for inspiring little gems you can upcycle.

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