Ding Dong!

How strange. Someone’s at the door.

Oh, no! Just as I was getting ready for a cozy Friday night on the couch in the best company possible:

A huge glass of red wine, brownies, cozy socks, my duvet, and finally:

The new Bridget Jones movie!

Boy, do I need a giggle after this crazy week at the office.

Maybe they’ll go away. They won’t be able to see me through the window anyway.

10 minutes of incessant ringing later, I sigh and slip out from under my warm fluffy duvet and drag myself to the door.

Behind the huge bouquet of red roses, I detect a vaguely familiar face.



It can’t be.

He’s not supposed to be here!


It’s floppy-haired Fabio from Milan that I met on the picture-perfect Greek isle of Santorini.

Yes, the one with the bright white sugar cube houses and the impossibly-perfect blue sky and sea.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember his eyes sparkling like jewels in the reflection from the Aegean Sea and how unreal it was to bake in the sun all day with no worries other than:


“Where should we eat tonight?”


Fabio’s romantic weekend in the north didn’t turn out quite the way he had imagined.

Why was it so dark and cold?

Why had the tanned, sexy summer girl turned into a pale mouse hidden away in big black sweaters?

It’s not the same when the rain is pouring down and you’re both freezing like a couple of flamingos at the North Pole.

Not very romantic at all.

I have no idea what happened to Fabio, but I have to admit I’m heartbroken over this year’s summer romance.

I’ve been having a steaming, hot love affair with my summer wardrobe filled with bright, happy dresses and skirts in coral, pink, and yellow. They make me feel like a movie star and I don’t want to say goodbye.

There’s no denying that it’s getting colder though. I guess I have no choice but to climb all the way up to the attic to search for my wool stockings and down jackets.


Yes. Winter is coming.


Still, does this mean that we have to resign to wearing dark frumpy clothes that do nothing but feed our winter depression?

If only Jon Snow was here to keep us warm. (I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on those cozy, stylish furs of his.)

Let’s find ways to keep the summer romance alive so we can look and feel amazing long after our tan has faded.


How to Wear Summer Clothes in the Cold:

Pick out summer skirts and dresses in prints, colors, and fabrics that aren’t too beachy.

Sundresses in thin jersey might look out of place, while more sturdy fabrics will transition well.

Prints that include dark colors like black, grey, navy, and brown can easily be styled with warm garments in these colors.

Add a comfy sweater or cardigan in a quality that matches your summer dress or skirt.

Try to find the right balance between smart and casual by choosing two qualities that go together. Just pick garments with an equal degree of smartness and you’ve nailed it.

Another styling trick is to emphasize the contrast between different fabrics. You can, for instance, wear a smooth skirt with a super fluffy sweater.

Just play around and see how you like it.

Tights and pantyhose will keep your legs warm.

I have to admit I’m a bit of a weirdo who likes to wear several pairs on top of each other: Soft, non-itchy merino wool on the inside and smooth nylon on the outside.

This works because I always make sure the size is big enough: rather too big than too small.

Every woman knows that hell on earth is having your pantyhose gusset halfway down to your knees so you can feel the skin of your thighs rubbing against each other. Holy cow. That’s enough to make you stay home and watch Netflix all day.

Warm cozy boots look great with dresses and skirts.

When I bought my own tall high-heeled boots, I discovered that there are lots of new styles that have bouncy soles and are super comfy.

Danish brand Ecco even has a specially constructed Chelsea boot where the heel of your foot is placed inside the heel of the boot so it’s much lower than it looks.

Tall boots have traditionally been difficult for women with big calves, but I have noticed that many more styles with a strategically placed elastic that makes fitting into them much easier.

High-heeled booties that reach the ankle are very sexy and work very well if you have big calves.

Low heeled booties look amazing for a tomboy look.

I’m always on the lookout for cool wedges since they are super comfy but you still get the elegant height. (That extra height is also perfect for wading through slushy snow.)

Accessories can easily turn your summer dress into a cool fall outfit.

Adding warm, woolly gloves, scarves, and hats can change your look in a second and will also make you look put together and elegant.

When temperatures go low we often grab any kind of hat and gloves just to stay warm. Then we end up looking a bit mismatched. Being a bit more intentional when picking out accessories to create a particular style will make you feel cool and sophisticated even when the weather is against you.

This graphic dress is perfect for summer with the white accessories to the left and styled for winter with black accessories to the right.