What to Wear on Video

What to Wear on Video

Like. Like. Like.

I was playing with my phone doing some extremely “important” networking on Facebook while clinging to my drug of choice: a soothing grandmother of Cappuccino at The Procrastination Café.

It was a Friday. My one day off work. My free day to shoot videos to grow my business, and here I was wasting time. Maybe I should create a pretty infographic about taking action just to get into the right mindset.

Filming those perfect fashion videos had turned out to be a lot of work.

I had to set up lights and a camera in my tiny living room, scare my family away and then work like a maniac to finish before they got back. It took me hours to cover up my wrinkles and tame that naughty little poodle on top of my head that poses as hair.

And don’t get me started on technology, we all believe in positive psychology right? Deep breaths everyone. I’ll admit I still don’t understand my camera. What the hell is ISO? Or IOS for that matter.

God, I need another coffee! Triple espresso.

I’ll just quickly pop into a couple of stores before I go home to work. I’m a stylist after all. It’s simply my duty to queen and country to get some retail therapy even if I live in a Fashion Wasteland.

Then I saw it in a window.

Was it a mirage?

Was I so high on caffeine and business guilt that my mind was playing tricks on me?


You know what I mean ladies. It’s just like being struck by lightning when you lay your eyes on Mr. Right.

THE DRESS is the magic wand that transforms your body and mind and turns you into Michelle Obama. (Maybe it can even transform your husband. Mmm. Have to try that.)

This gorgeous number was begging to be recorded on video. Leaving it hanging there would be a crime worse than abandoning an adorable puppy that fell in love with you at the shelter. You can’t do that. Just look at it!

Energized by the vibrant color of the dress (and the fact that it made me look much better than I do naked,) I was fired up and ready for action. All the way home I was fantasizing about how wonderful the dress would look on camera and how amazing the video would turn out.

The amazing energy of THAT PERFECT DRESS is something we all can use!

So get some gorgeous clothes that are begging to be shown off and get out there to promote your business. Looking and feeling like a million bucks will inspire you to get your photos done, make a video, or go to a networking event.

Let’s go shopping!


I love the way slim-fitting dresses make every woman look like a bombshell no matter what size or body shape. The trick is to avoid very tight and clingy dresses that show every little bump. Instead, go for a slim dress that gently follows the contours of your body without being too tight. This gives you a sleek, gorgeous silhouette and you’ll be delighted at how beautiful you look.

This is crucial when you’re on camera and have no idea where your body is going to get cut off. A wide dress looks amazing when your legs are visible, but can make you look bulky if the camera cuts you off at the waist.

Let’s look at the photo below:
The first slim-fitting dress gives you a gorgeous silhouette no matter where the camera cuts you off. It doesn’t have to be skin tight, but should gently follow the contours of your body.

Broadening the shoulders with small cap sleeves makes chest, tummy, and hips look smaller

The second straight dress completely hides your beautiful figure.

The dress works when you see the entire body and the legs are showing, but when the camera cuts you off at chest, waist, or hips it makes your body look shapeless.


Color is your secret weapon. It communicates your brand and personality in a split second so use it for all it’s worth.

Brights and jewel tones look fantastic on video. They make you stand out from the background and your skin will glow. Loud reds and oranges can be overly intense on camera, but I’m happy to use them in the videos I record myself. Deep red is a safer choice.
Rich pastels are also worth a try if they work with your skin tone.
Trendy nude shades are perfect on models in glossy magazines but don’t always translate to real life. There’s a big chance that you will look washed out if you wear them on video.

Wearing white can confuse the camera and will also wash you out if you have pale skin, and your favorite little black dress can look invisible on camera so your head appears to be floating.
If you’re in front of a blue or green screen then avoid these colors or your dress will become part of the background.



I’m sure you’ve heard of the dreaded Moiré effect.

For technical reasons (way beyond my comprehension) the camera gets confused by small stripes and checks. These patterns are banned in TV studios because they look weird and fuzzy on camera.
I would avoid any type of small ditsy patters (sorry polka dots) just to be on the safe side.

Large bold prints can look amazing and style icon Marie Forleo wears them all the time to great success.

What to Wear when working from Home

What to Wear when working from Home

What to Wear when working from Home

  • Great call. Please send me your strategy document asap. Lovely undies by the way. Pink is absolutely your color!

OMG! My career is over.

I’m a complete laughing stock in the online community! I can see them sending dirty FB messages about me right now. He’s gonna tell everybody and they’re gonna think I flashed my buns on purpose.

Why am I always late? How could I screw this up?

Why why why?

Please God, give me a time machine! I need to go back 20 minutes!

  • Hello. Are you there?
  • Yes.  Hello, lovely to meet you. Sorry, but the Skype camera doesn’t seem to be working. Just a minute. I’ll try and fix it.

I run to the bathroom. Now, where is that purple top from Ted Baker? Squished at the bottom of the laundry basket of course. The top only has a tiny stain way down at the bottom. Good! That won’t show on camera. On second thought a spritz of “Clean – Fresh Laundry” couldn’t hurt. That’ll do.

Back to the laptop. Untangle headphone spaghetti. Click the camera button. Smile!

  • Hello there. I finally got the camera working. Great to see you!

And there he is:

The intimidatingly successful Mr. Mentor. Complete with a tan and crooked smile.

(Ok, I’ll admit it. He’s hot.)

I can’t believe I finally got on a coaching call with him. Now, where are my notes?

20 mind-blowing minutes of strategy, monetization and preeminence (what the hell is that?) later the doorbell rings.

I’ll just ignore it. Nobody comes by without calling first these days.

More ringing.

Maybe it’s the kid. Maybe he got bullied on the way to school. Maybe there IS no school today. Maybe I’m a selfish career-obsessed mother who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

  • Could you please excuse me for a second?

I get up, knock my chair down, and sprint to the door.

It’s the delivery guy with that gorgeous top I ordered. The one I was supposed to wear today to look like a sexy, successful businesswoman – maybe a masterful younger version of Oprah or perhaps an (only ever so slightly) older version of Blake Lively. The top is gorgeous alright but it’s also 30 minutes too late!

What can I say? I knew it would be perfect from the moment I laid eyes on it but didn’t realize it fit me right down to my motto “Better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.”

Back at my laptop the Skype connection is down, but there is a message in the chatbox:


  • Great call. Please send me your strategy document asap. Lovely undies by the way. Pink is absolutely your color!


Ooh. The thrill of working from home:

Is working from your home office, aka the kitchen table, really as wonderful as you imagined?

9 AM:

In your dreams:

You’re looking relaxed, gorgeous, and happy in your beautiful designer pajamas having an anti-aging green smoothie for breakfast as you check how many thousands you made online while you slept.

Back to reality:

The mix of toothpaste and coffee stains on your bulky sweatshirt has created a psychedelic pattern that perfectly matches the inside of your head when you found out that your website has been hacked. You’re gonna be a mom who’s stuck at home with no career. Eeek!

12 AM:

In your sweetest dreams:

You swish into the trendy café for your lunch meeting in a gorgeous dress that makes you look 10 pounds lighter. Heads are turning: “Who is this successful woman who’s so confident doing business?”

Back to reality:

You tear your hair out because as usual, you’ve got nothing to wear. You’ve completely lost track of trends when working from home and end up looking bland, mousy, and fat in a nondescript sweater your grandmother could have worn.

6 PM:

In your wildest dreams:

Your chef/babysitter cooks up a delicious but healthy meal while you kill time in the bubble bath checking emails from your fans. Oooh, how they love you!

Your handsome husband is of course back in time to escort you to a glamorous networking event where you wow your clients in your new killer dress and make lots of sales.

Back to reality:

You’re the worst mother in the world serving frozen pizza yet again. The kids scream because it’s pepperoni and not ham. There’s no time to fix your hair. Again you have nothing to wear and you end up in a frumpy corporate suit from before you had kids. Oh, and your make-up is smeared from sweating like a pig trying on everything in your closet.

So much for business confidence!

OMG. This has to change! You can’t go on like this for another second.

Please let me help!

While some solopreneurs have built a career around staying home in sweats and say that what they wear has no impact on their productivity, you might not be performing like the professional business babe you truly are if you’re stuck in fuzzy slippers all day.

“But isn’t it shallow to think that focusing on how I look is going to change my business or make me happier?”

No, it’s not shallow and doesn’t turn you into a Jersey Shore Contestant. If you understand the power of dressing well, especially as a lady boss who’s running the show from home, you’re actually smart. Not to mention have your shit together. And I’ll show you how to do it without too much time and effort in just a bit.

But let me tell you, it’s not just you. It’s been scientifically proven. Studies show that what you wear does indeed affect the way you act: from people dressed in lab coats performing better at math tests to those wearing a nurse’s uniform showing more compassion.

We’ve all been there: feeling on top of the world because of your shiny new sneakers or feeling like a loser because you overslept and ended up wearing whatever was lying in the pile on the floor.

I’m fascinated by the research that reveals that what women really want from clothes is not necessarily looking more sexy and attractive, but actually feeling more confident.

So if you’re scared to put out a blog post or email your business idol then dress up! Seeing your own gorgeous reflection in the mirror will give you the confidence to stick your neck out and get it done.

What are the goals you want to achieve with your work from home outfits?

In my 20 years of experience I have noticed it comes down to women always wanting 2 things:


Comfort and confidence.


Yes, girls just wanna have comfort!

Comfort makes you focused and productive so you get that amazing feeling of achievement when you reach your goal for the day.

Confidence is that power that lets you reach out and get new clients. Isn’t that what you want?

The absence of tight belts and painful high heels will definitely boost your productivity. (Just as they say the absence of a tie gives men some much-needed oxygen to their brain.)

Outfit 1: Chic Comfort

  • Trendy top such as a blouse, shirt, dressy figure-flattering sweater or luxurious T-shirt.
  • Tights or jeans that are in pristine shape.
  • For going outside add: Fitted jacket, nice leather shoes, and a cool bag.
  • Accessories: Scarf or necklace, earrings.

If you’re unsure if your outfit strikes the right balance between chic and casual, just think to yourself:

Would you wear it to an informal coffee shop meeting with an important person?
This smart casual look can be difficult to nail because there aren’t any fixed rules.

The key lies in balancing classic business wear such as blazers, pumps, and leather bags with casual clothes such as T-shirts and tights.

If you make these guidelines your getting dressed mantra you’ll do great

  • Nothing torn, worn, or damaged (check out your shoes.)
  • Don’t look too corporate in a full business suit (wear your suit pieces separately.)
  • Avoid anything overly young, sexy or suitable for a music video (unless that’s what your brand is about.)

And yes I know:  lots of stylish people are wearing torn jeans and crop tops which I absolutely love too – on the weekend.


Outfit 2: Effortlessly Hot

  • Comfy dress in jersey or light fabric.
  • Tights if the weather’s cold.

Nothing is easier than putting on a jersey dress that needs no accompanying garments and no ironing.

Yet, you still look feminine and appear to have made an effort even if it took you 10 seconds less than pulling on some saggy sweat pants and your husband’s old T-shirt.

Add cardigans, scarves, and tights if it’s cold and dress it up by adding jewelry if it’s warm.

Now you have an outfit that’s cute and professional, but still comfortable.

For going outside you add a fitted jacket, nice leather shoes, and a cool bag – exactly like you would for the first outfit.


Reference: Dr. Karen. J. Pine. Mind What You Wear
Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’

Ding Dong!

How strange. Someone’s at the door.

Oh, no! Just as I was getting ready for a cozy Friday night on the couch in the best company possible:

A huge glass of red wine, brownies, cozy socks, my duvet, and finally:

The new Bridget Jones movie!

Boy, do I need a giggle after this crazy week at the office.

Maybe they’ll go away. They won’t be able to see me through the window anyway.

10 minutes of incessant ringing later, I sigh and slip out from under my warm fluffy duvet and drag myself to the door.

Behind the huge bouquet of red roses, I detect a vaguely familiar face.



It can’t be.

He’s not supposed to be here!


It’s floppy-haired Fabio from Milan that I met on the picture-perfect Greek isle of Santorini.

Yes, the one with the bright white sugar cube houses and the impossibly-perfect blue sky and sea.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember his eyes sparkling like jewels in the reflection from the Aegean Sea and how unreal it was to bake in the sun all day with no worries other than:


“Where should we eat tonight?”


Fabio’s romantic weekend in the north didn’t turn out quite the way he had imagined.

Why was it so dark and cold?

Why had the tanned, sexy summer girl turned into a pale mouse hidden away in big black sweaters?

It’s not the same when the rain is pouring down and you’re both freezing like a couple of flamingos at the North Pole.

Not very romantic at all.

I have no idea what happened to Fabio, but I have to admit I’m heartbroken over this year’s summer romance.

I’ve been having a steaming, hot love affair with my summer wardrobe filled with bright, happy dresses and skirts in coral, pink, and yellow. They make me feel like a movie star and I don’t want to say goodbye.

There’s no denying that it’s getting colder though. I guess I have no choice but to climb all the way up to the attic to search for my wool stockings and down jackets.


Yes. Winter is coming.


Still, does this mean that we have to resign to wearing dark frumpy clothes that do nothing but feed our winter depression?

If only Jon Snow was here to keep us warm. (I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on those cozy, stylish furs of his.)

Let’s find ways to keep the summer romance alive so we can look and feel amazing long after our tan has faded.


How to Wear Summer Clothes in the Cold:

Pick out summer skirts and dresses in prints, colors, and fabrics that aren’t too beachy.

Sundresses in thin jersey might look out of place, while more sturdy fabrics will transition well.

Prints that include dark colors like black, grey, navy, and brown can easily be styled with warm garments in these colors.

Add a comfy sweater or cardigan in a quality that matches your summer dress or skirt.

Try to find the right balance between smart and casual by choosing two qualities that go together. Just pick garments with an equal degree of smartness and you’ve nailed it.

Another styling trick is to emphasize the contrast between different fabrics. You can, for instance, wear a smooth skirt with a super fluffy sweater.

Just play around and see how you like it.

Tights and pantyhose will keep your legs warm.

I have to admit I’m a bit of a weirdo who likes to wear several pairs on top of each other: Soft, non-itchy merino wool on the inside and smooth nylon on the outside.

This works because I always make sure the size is big enough: rather too big than too small.

Every woman knows that hell on earth is having your pantyhose gusset halfway down to your knees so you can feel the skin of your thighs rubbing against each other. Holy cow. That’s enough to make you stay home and watch Netflix all day.

Warm cozy boots look great with dresses and skirts.

When I bought my own tall high-heeled boots, I discovered that there are lots of new styles that have bouncy soles and are super comfy.

Danish brand Ecco even has a specially constructed Chelsea boot where the heel of your foot is placed inside the heel of the boot so it’s much lower than it looks.

Tall boots have traditionally been difficult for women with big calves, but I have noticed that many more styles with a strategically placed elastic that makes fitting into them much easier.

High-heeled booties that reach the ankle are very sexy and work very well if you have big calves.

Low heeled booties look amazing for a tomboy look.

I’m always on the lookout for cool wedges since they are super comfy but you still get the elegant height. (That extra height is also perfect for wading through slushy snow.)

Accessories can easily turn your summer dress into a cool fall outfit.

Adding warm, woolly gloves, scarves, and hats can change your look in a second and will also make you look put together and elegant.

When temperatures go low we often grab any kind of hat and gloves just to stay warm. Then we end up looking a bit mismatched. Being a bit more intentional when picking out accessories to create a particular style will make you feel cool and sophisticated even when the weather is against you.

This graphic dress is perfect for summer with the white accessories to the left and styled for winter with black accessories to the right.