You’re Too Old To Dress Like That!

You’re Too Old To Dress Like That!

Who do you think you are Hilde?!?

You can’t dress like that.
That dress is way too sexy for someone your age. Ever heard the expression “mutton dressed as lamb?”

My inner critic was getting all riled up and had even taken on a posh British accent since I finally had made it to London and was shopping on beautiful Regent Street.

I didn’t dare walk into the Karen Millen store. A gorgeous feminine palace full of sexy man-eater dresses that were just a tad too expensive. Not a place for a suburban mom like me.

I scraped some courage from the bottom of my purse, sneaked inside, and tried it on.

The dress fit me like a glove.

Still I wasn’t the type to dress like that. I was a respectable slightly boring mom wasn’t I? My young wild days were long gone.

Looking for some objective feedback I asked some cute, young American girls for their honest opinion. I couldn’t detect any deceit in their eyes when they said the dress was perfect, so I pulled out my credit card.
The Sexy Dress was left hanging all alone in my wardrobe for 2 months.

I wore on the first warm summer day and felt like such a fraud.

I was self-consciously pulling it down to cover my wrinkled knees and imagined people talking about me behind my back. “Look at her.”

The next time felt much easier and before long I was so at ease in it that I even wore it to work.

Now the dress is the star in my About page photo and it was worth every single penny.

I’m so happy I silenced that inner voice and took a chance on a new exciting garment that turned ME into a new exciting person.

We all have ideas about who we should be and how we should look, but are these old ideas really in our best interest?

Are we projecting a brave and powerful image to our clients?

Are we strong and inspiring role models for younger women?


How would YOU dress if you could look at yourself objectively and see yourself in the same positive light that other people do?

I bet you would be sexy, vibrant, edgy, power- and colorful!

Do you perhaps also have amazing garments crying in the closet because they never get to go to the party?

Or – have you longingly stared at that perfect dress in the store window and thought that it wasn’t for you?

I’m dying to hear your stories.

Look Smart – Feel Casual – Dressing Just Right for a Conference

Look Smart – Feel Casual – Dressing Just Right for a Conference

“Baby. What happened to the new suitcase!?”

Europe’s most notorious airline has smashed my new gorgeous wheely case that made me feel as stylish as Victoria Beckham at the airport.

I’m never, ever flying Ryan Air again.


I hate packing.

It’s not because of the painstaking job of rolling my clothes to avoid wrinkling and placing the shampoo bottle in a plastic bag in case it leaks.

It’s because I’m going to a glamorous conference in New York to finally meet my wonderful clients, coaches, and mentors and I have NOTHING to wear!

Why did I not go shopping last week and get some chic but comfy shoes?

Why did I not get a pencil skirt that goes with everything?

I’ll end up buying something boring and overpriced at the airport again, and then I’ll feel icky and strange as if I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.


How did this happen?

I’m a hard worker. I set goals. I reach them.
Why haven’t I planned my wardrobe for the trip?

The problem is classic.

I don’t know how formal I should dress so I ignore my wardrobe needs until I have a meltdown trying to fill my suitcase.


Nightmare number one would be to show up in “Boardroom Chic” (sweaty nylons, backbreaking high heels, and a matchy, matchy suit.)

You feel as sexy as a grandma while the young, cool crowd look glamorous in something trendy you’ve never seen before.

Bomber jackets!

Is that a thing now?

You won’t be making that mistake again so next time you’re chill and laid back in jeans and a top from the pile on the floor.

Then everyone asks you which college you go to.

Nightmare number two!


Stay calm everyone.

There is an answer to this dilemma and it’s called Smart Casual:

A style that’s dressy enough that you feel confident walking into any type of swanky hotel or venue, and casual enough that you feel cool and comfy talking to young bearded techies who build apps in coffee shops.


So what is Smart Casual or Business Casual?

She’s the beautiful love child of Mrs. Business Chic and Mr. Casual Cool.

She’s got her mother’s laser sharp suit jacket and her father’s crazy printed shirt.

She’s confident and put together but not afraid to show her colorful personality.


Let’s take a look at a typical outfit that her mother Mrs. Business got her:

Suit jacket with matching skirt, pants, or shift dress all in the same color and fabric. Pumps and pantyhose.

The outfit from her father is very casual: Jeans, tank top, leather jacket and sneakers.

You might already have all these pieces in your wardrobe and the good news is that you can combine them to create a beautiful Smart Casual love child.

The idea is to dress down your formal pieces and dress up your casual pieces into a perfectly balanced outfit that signals professionalism, warmth, and creativity.

Suit pants can be worn with a fashionable top, trendy leather jacket, and bright pumps.

Your suit jacket looks cool with a casual jersey top and a printed skirt.

The printed pencil skirt is a smart casual love child in itself: A formal shape with a fun pattern.


To be honest I wasn’t sure if I should recommend jeans at all, but I created an outfit where the jacket, top, and shoes are dressy enough to balance the casualness of denim.

There are definitely places where you will feel under dressed in jeans so if you’re uncertain I would go the safe route and opt for smarter pants.

The most important thing for the casual pieces you include is the fact that they need to look fresh and pristine:
– No fading colors, wrinkles, and spots.
– Shoes should be crispy clean and well polished.
I prefer dark denim without holes and worn out effects since this looks streamlined and professional.


Let’s take a look at the very many ways you can combine your clothes to create gorgeous Smart Casual outfits.
We start with basic pieces such as:

Blazer, skirt, dressy pants, pristine jeans, blouse, cardigan, top, and a dress.

I have chosen a few very classic items and colors but you can pick clothes that are a completely different style.

Now it’s time to play dress up and try to find as many combinations as possible.

I bet you can combine the clothes you already have in lots of new fresh ways that make you feel like you have a brand new wardrobe.

Notice how all of these outfits work with a lot of different types of shoes: Flats, heels, wedges, and even sleek boots.

Pick beautiful shoes that make you feel chic and comfortable.

There is no correlation between success and the height of your heels so don’t ruin your day by wearing stilettos if they kill your feet.

You also have a wide choice when it comes to your bag and accessories.

When your main outfit is in place you can play around with accessories that give off the vibe you’re after and pick a bag that’s big enough to hold everything you need to have an amazing day:

Water bottle, snacks, charger, note book, lap top, make-up…




When it comes to style I encourage you to create your own unique look and just OWN it.

Being a fashion lover I always tend to be over dressed and probably will be at my next conference as well.

This is because the desire to look on brand for my business overrides the need to fit in at the conference.
The most amazing look is created when your personal brand style meets clothes that are suitable for the occasion.

As the face of your business you want people to instantly understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Just like a logo.

So if you’re a rock chick turned web designer you could create a look that revolves around the world’s most amazing designer leather jacket and if you’re lawyer you can go for a striking classic ensemble in a surprising color.

As a speaker you can own the room in one of those power woman shift dresses that look amazing on stage and if you’re a yoga teacher you might love a soft flowy dress in harmonious natural colors.

I’m dying to show you how nail your look so please leave a comment below and I’ll be there to help out in any type of fashion emergency.

Networking Outfits that will Start a Conversation – Video

Networking Outfits that will Start a Conversation – Video

You think you’ve got it made.

You’ve left behind the sweaty stockings and back killing high heels of the corporate world for a relaxing entrepreneurial life in comfy yoga pants.

Then your cozy cocoon is shattered when you receive a scary email:

You’re invited to a networking event.

Eeeek. I have nothing to wear.
This time you’re not going to blend into the background by being one of the 100 women in a little black dress.

You’ll walk into that room and OWN it by looking so amazing that people can’t help wanting to talk to you.

Watch the VIDEO to find out how. (Video is hosted by YouTube.)

Is this what it’s like to be married to Tony?

Is this what it’s like to be married to Tony?

“Did you cut yourself shaving again honey?

OMG. You’ve got bloody cuts all over your chest!”

My Bodyguard aka husband just looked down and said:

“Yeah, it’s the ice.

Tony made me do it.”

You see. He was taking his Tony Robbins morning routine very literally.

Every morning he would go for a jog in the dark winter morning all while shouting Tony’s incantations along the way:

“Everyday in every way, I’m getting stronger, STRONGER, S T R O N G E R.”

High as a kite on endorphins and self-help, he would strip off and dive into the crazy cold North Sea.

This morning there was ice on the water but there was no way that was gonna stop HIM.

Just freaking DO IT.

He thought of Tony. Jumped in. Cracked the ice with his feet.

WOOAHH. I’m Superman!

The shock of the icy water was nothing compared to the numbing pain of realizing: “I’m surrounded by razor sharp ice and I can’t get out!”

He WAS able to get out but not without blood, tears, and a newfound realization that “Just Do It” can get really ugly.

Strangely enough, it’s the same in online business – also when it comes to style.

Our coaches and gurus tell us to just get over our fears and Just Do It but honestly: Sometimes we fall flat on our faces because we’re not prepared.

My beautiful biz buddy, let’s call her Donna was devastated when she caught a glimpse of herself in the TV monitor in the studio.

“Who’s that fat old lady? Oh, no. I look like my mom!”

She was in the middle of being interviewed on national TV but forgot all about what she was going to say when she saw herself on the screen. Donna simply froze and uttered a few stupid sentences before they kicked her off the podium:

“OMG. I was a disaster and everyone will see me fail on national TV.”

Donna’s favorite blue dress that she had thought looked wonderful was SO ugly on camera. It amplified every single bulge on her body.

“OMG. I had no idea I had all that back fat! If only I had taken the time to prepare and get myself a dress that made me look beautiful.”

She had jumped into doing the TV interview but just like my husband she was now up to her neck in freezing water surrounded by ice daggers – or rather: she was being broadcast on national TV looking like a frumpy old mom instead of a successful businesswoman.

But how do you prepare your outfit for a TV appearance and do you actually need to?

Look, if you’re in online business then you WILL be doing all these outward-facing marketing activities like Facebook Live, webinars, TV-shows, video podcast interviews, YouTube interviews, and TV shows.

The only way to nail them is to look so super confident that you can focus 100 % on delivering your message and not worry about your outfit. Then you have the added pleasure of having everyone compliment you on how gorgeous you look too.

It really pays to think ahead and learn what to wear at these events because your old dress or your work-from-home yoga pants just won’t cut it.

Most women are afraid of looking big and this is a real concern when there’s a camera involved since what they say is true: The camera adds 10 lbs.

The very best way to look slim and sleek on and off camera is to learn to dress for your body type.  The blouse that looks good on a small chested lady doesn’t work for a big-chested one and vice-versa. Our bodies are all different and this means we all need different clothes.

It doesn’t have to be hard though.

I have created a quick mini-guide called The Instant Tummy Tuck and Booty Booster where I show you how to look 10 lbs lighter using fashion tricks alone.

You’ll learn the 3 most common mistakes women make when dressing their bodies starting with a warning about the Big Mac top:

Exactly like the infamous hamburger, this top is everywhere and everyone buys it – but all it does is ruin your figure.

Just sign up below and click the INSTANT SLIMMING button and you’re off to a slim looking future.

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